Local Fusion Style Cuisine

Dedicating the best of our cookery and sincerity to prepare organic ingredients from Ibaraki

Located in northern Ibaraki, here at Isohara Seaside Hotel we serve a Japanese-based organic fusion cuisine with essence of food from cultures.

Hoping to allure you with food from northern Ibaraki, we use fresh seasonal produce provided by local farmers and fishers. All vegetables are organically grown by local contract farmers. Seafood is from the local fishing ports, and we use meat from animals grown in the most natural method possible. Miso, malted rice, bread, salad dressing, and jam are all hand-made in the hotel kitchen. Rice is provided by contract farmers and are grown with minimal pesticides. All ingredients are procured exclusively by the hotel.

Our cooking highlights the intense flavors of natural ingredients. We hope to offer you not only the excellent flavors but also the joy of discovering new cuisine.

Special Features of our Food

Fusion Cuisine Using Organic Produce from Ibaraki

Fusion Cuisine Using Organic Produce from Ibaraki

Our dinner prepared by the head chef Masai features creative dishes that offers the best of Ibaraki produce. The dishes are based on Japanese cuisine with elements from different food cultures and highlight the mountain and sea delicacies and organically grown produces of northern Ibaraki. The menu will change according to season.

  • The photograph shows a sample of our dinners. Menu will change according to ingredients in season, type of reservation, and procurement status.

Homemade Local Breakfast

Completely homemade, delicious organic breakfast

At Isohara, we serve safe and delicious homemade breakfast with minimal use of artificial condiments.
The dishes are prepared using the local naturally and organically grown produce, and are packed with seasonal delicacies.
Enjoy a salad of pesticide-free vegetables with home-made dressing. Seafood miso soup prepared with home-made miso is packed with umami. Yogurt, bread, jam, and granola are all made in the hotel. Enjoy Ibaraki specialty, natto, with a range of choose-your-own toppings. Organic coffee, tea, and naturally grown fruit juice.
A breakfast that you can enjoy from your heart prepared with utmost care regarding safety, using produce from Ibaraki.

  • Breakfast is normally provided in buffet style. On occasions they may be served both at the buffet and the table. The photograph is an example of our breakfast, and the menu will change with season.

Breakfast : 07:00〜08:30

Northern Ibaraki Monkfish Dishes (for limited season only)

Monkfish Cuisine

Monkfish is the wintertime specialty in northern Ibaraki. All parts of monkfish are edible, but the most popular way to enjoy monkfish is hotpot.
At Isohara, we serve two kinds of monkfish hotpot. One is a rich tasting traditional northern Ibaraki style hotpot called “Dobu-Jiru” that uses an abundance of monkfish liver in the broth. Another is a hotel original hotpot using our original recipe liver-miso in the broth.
In addition to staples such as piping hot kara-age, meat dressed in vinegary monkfish liver sauce, and monkfish liver, we also serve our original dishes.
Isohara’s monkfish cuisine has been welcoming many repeaters. We will prepare fresh quality monkfish with utmost care and bring them to your table.