Privacy Policy

Purpose of the privacy policy

Isohara Seaside Hotel (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), as a company involved in the hotel and resort business, considers the protection of the personal information of our customers, business partners, etc. to be one of our important issues. For this reason, we have established this basic policy (privacy policy) as a guideline for protecting our personal information. In the future, we will comply with this and strive to properly manage and utilize personal information in order to provide better services and products based on the following basic policies.

Basic policy regarding personal information protection

Compliance with laws and regulations regarding personal information
We will comply with laws and industry regulations related to personal information protection and handle personal information of customers, business partners, etc. appropriately.
Acquisition of personal information
When we acquire personal information from customers, business partners, etc., we will clarify the purpose of use to the extent necessary for business purposes and will do so by lawful and fair means.
Purpose of use of personal information
We use the personal information of our customers, business partners, etc. that we have obtained for the purpose of providing our services and products, carrying out related business operations, providing information (direct mail, e-mail, etc.), conducting questionnaire surveys, and marketing and improving our services. The information will be used only for statistical aggregation and analysis.
Regarding use of personal information, joint use with third parties, and outsourcing of business to third parties, the personal information of customers, business partners, etc. that we obtain will be used within the scope of the purpose of use set forth in the preceding paragraph. Furthermore, when sharing personal information with third parties such as our affiliated companies, or when outsourcing the handling of such information to third parties such as external companies, we ensure the appropriate management and operation of personal information.
Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
Our company will not disclose acquired personal information to third parties such as customers and business partners without their prior consent. However, if disclosure is requested by law or by a public institution such as a court or police, the information may be disclosed without the consent of the individual.
Safety management of personal information
Our company takes necessary and appropriate information security measures to ensure the accuracy, currency, and safety of personal information of customers, business partners, etc., and to prevent loss, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information.
Disclosure/correction/suspension/deletion of personal information
When we receive a request or request from a customer, business partner, or other person to disclose, correct, suspend use, or delete their personal information, we will promptly take the necessary actions and measures.
Regarding revision of privacy policy
If there are any revisions to the contents of this basic policy (privacy policy), we will post them on this website.
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About joint use of personal information
The Company and its affiliated companies use personal information submitted by customers to provide the hotel and services closely related to the hotel, to provide information on promotional materials and questionnaires, including those from partner companies, and to develop products. and will be used jointly for related tasks.
Shared sharing system
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